Chicken Cutlet Sandwich And Some Wings

Chicken Cutlet Sandwich and Some Wings is about two teens who are the best of friends doing their best to cope with one another’s family issues.  1 male 1 female.

Chicken Cutlet Sandwich and Some Wings

Yolanda: Why you so touchy feely?  So sensitive!  I can’t say nothing without you taking offense to it.  What’s wrong with you?

Doogie: You don’t see yourself. You always have something negative to say.

Yolanda: Yeah but I’m playing with you though.

Doogie: Doesn’t feel like playing.

Yolanda: How long you know me Doogie?

Doogie: Forever.

Yolanda: So whatch you sayin’?

Doogie: You get aggressive.

Yolanda: Awwww, poor Doogie gettin’ all sad on me.

Doogie: See? That tone right there. It’s like you don’t like me.

Yolanda: Course I like you. You’re my best friend.

Doogie: You sure?

Yolanda: You on your period?

Doogie: You need to chill.

Yolanda: Damn.

Doogie: (snaps) I’m serious!


Yolanda: I’ll leave you alone then.

Doogie: I don’t want to be left alone, I just want to be treated right! Is that so hard for everybody to understand?


Yolanda: …What’s up?

DOOGIE pulls his shirt over his shoulder to reveal a dark bruise.

What the hell?

Doogie: My brothers beat the sh’t out of me last night.

Yolanda: Like play fighting or for real?

Doogie: For real.

Yolanda: Does it hurt?

YOLANDA touches DOOGIE’S bruise and he winces.

Oh!  Sorry!

Doogie: Damn!  (puts his shirt back over his shoulder)

Yolanda: Why those morons always do that to you?!

Doogie: There was no dinner but I saw a chicken cutlet sandwich and some wings in the fridge, so I ate it. It was their food and they kicked my ass.

Yolanda: Why didn’t you come by me for dinner?

Doogie: How many times am I going to come over for food?

Yolanda: Every day if you want.

Doogie: Yeah, well, I’m hoping I get this job at McDonalds cause then I can eat and get paid.

Yolanda: You applied?

Doogie: Yeah.

Yolanda: Ain’t that far from where we live?

Doogie: Take my bike.

Yolanda: …I feel stupid now. I should already know, right?

Doogie: It’s not your fault Yola. You’re just being you.


Yolanda: Maybe I can work with you, get a job at Mickey D’s too.

Doogie: You would suck. Ha ha.

Yolanda: Whatch you mean? I can flip burgers better than you any day of the week.

Doogie: I don’t think we need to flip burgers. I think they nuke them, don’t they?

Yolanda: Whatever.

DOOGIE smiles.

Doogie: So, what’s on the menu tonight, I’m starving.

Yolanda: Let’s find out. I’m hungry too.

Doogie: Your mom don’t mind me coming over all the time?

Yolanda: Hell no. She loves you.

Doogie: I love her cooking. She can open up her own restaurant.

Yolanda: Shut up.

Doogie: Just saying.


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