Clean Record

1st year. 1st semester. Roommates.  In the short drama scripts Clean Record, Elle and Fannie come together early on on developing a good friendship.  2 women.

Clean Record

ELLE and FANNIE are both laying down on a school deck.

Elle: Holy sh’t…my mind is dropping.

Fannie: …What’s wrong with you?

Elle: Just…exhausted. So…exhausted.

Fannie: So, pass out.

Elle: I can’t. I’m enjoying my thoughts.

Fannie: Enjoying your thoughts?

Elle: Yeah, My mind is journeying. Figuring out some things. This only happens to me like once a year.

Fannie: Did you smoke up?

Elle: Nah. Just zoning out.

Fannie: That’s wicked.

Elle: This ever happen to you?

Fannie: …Nope.

Elle: First time it happened was when I was a kid. We had this swing in my backyard attached to a tree. I remember after swinging on it, I laid down on the grass and chilled out. I was so chill. My mind went loose and I was so chill. I was smarter.

Fannie: Smarter?

Elle: Yeah, like…oh, this must be sounding very stupid. I don’t know how to explain it really. It’s like when you smoke up and sometimes you feel like you can see more clearly about things and life. Well, this happens to me without smoking up but only once in a long while.

Fannie: You sound so friggin’ weird right now.

Elle: Hahaha

Fannie: Hahaha. I don’t even know what you’re saying.

Elle: Forget it, forget it. I’m just having good thoughts.

Fannie: I want to have good thoughts, too.

Elle: I can’t show you how to do it cause it just happens on its own. I don’t even know if there’s a science term for it or if it’s me being crazy. But it feels real.

Fannie: Well, how do you get in that state?

Elle: It just happens. I was resting here, relaxing and we were both quiet for awhile and I started spacing out and these images come and I start wondering about life, my life and the meaning of life and I see things.

Fannie: What things do you see?

Elle: A heightened reality. I see things better…for people.

Fannie: Really?

Elle: Like, I see a better future…I see inventions and how the world is going to operate one day.

Fannie: That’s amazing. Are you serious?

Elle: No.

Fannie: What?

Elle: I’m not serious. I’m messing with you.

Fannie: You are?

Elle: Do you really think I’m psychic or something? I can’t believe you were actually believing me. hahaha.

Fannie: Hahah. I was like, show me the future, I want to see the future too.

(they laugh)

That’s so depressing. Now I wish it were true.

Elle: Yeah, me too.

Fannie: What do you think the future will be like?

Elle: They will figure a way to actually move planets.

Fannie: What?

Elle: I think we are going to figure out how to rearrange our solar system. I mean, without damaging anything, of course but we will be able to do stuff like that. We will be able to make our own planets and galaxies and move them around like pieces on a chess board.

Fannie: I never heard of that before. I’m not much into science and space.

Elle: Yeah, it’s cool. You should get into it.

Fannie: What else do you see in the future?

Elle: I have no idea. What do you think the future will be like?

Fannie: I’ll be able to design my own perfect man, who will do whatever I want and however I want.

Elle: That would be dope. What would he look like?

Fannie: I like the broad shouldered, tall blond hair and blue-eyed type. You?

Elle: I like the tall, dark and handsome type. A brooder. I like men that look serious but are really gentle inside.

Fannie: Have you had a boyfriend before?

Elle: Not yet. I’ve seen a few but nothing serious, you know?

Fannie: Yeah, me too.

Elle: We should go out tonight and see what’s up. I’ve met some of the other girls next-door and they seem chill.

Fannie: Sounds good.


Elle: Fannie?

Fannie: Yeah?

Elle: I like you.

Fannie: I like you, too.

Elle: I want us to start as friends with a clean record and I already lied to you.

Fannie: How?

Elle: Just now.

Fannie: When?

Elle: When I was talking about seeing the future and daydreaming and stuff…that’s all true.

Fannie: I know.

Elle: You do?

Fannie: Yeah. I figured I have no right to really know anything about you unless you want to share things about yourself. We only know one another for like two days. If something is personal, it’s your choice just like it’s my choice.

Elle: You’re right.

Fannie: I’m glad you told me some stuff.

Elle: Me too.

Fannie: Even though you’re really strange.

(they laugh)


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