Cloud of Dust

In the monologue Cloud of Dust, Sniffles gets confronted by the guy he owes a ton of money to and here he explains the story as to why he doesn’t have it.

SNIFFLES:  Paulie, I got ya money, I have it, I have it…you don’t have no idea what happened last week, I was lookin’ for you, I went to the club, I was asking around for you, went to your apartment, spoke to your mother, did your mother tell you I came by?  I had it.  (sniffs) I had a brown paper envelope with half, I had half your money and I was carrying it around and everything, but I–I even went to two cafes, you know those two cafes, yeah, I went there, both of them and you were no where to be found.  I swear.  Swear on my life.

Where is it?  What, the money? (sniffs)

Yeah, I’m gettin’ to that cause, you know, it—days went by and everything and I started gettin’ the itch and it was driving me crazy cause Franky came by and he tol’ me he had the fix at the track that day for number seven, so I bet all the money on the seven, cause Franky said it was a sure thing but turns out that the f’n a–hole that he is, and I wanna find him and punch his brains in for leaving me there that day, too (sniffs)…he was runnin’, runnin’ like, you know, like a bullet, flew outta there before the horses even passed the finish line and I’m looking for him and see him runnin’, right…skinny bastard that he is and I gave chase and was screaming at him, the whole place heard me, my voice was echoing and this son of a bitch gets in his car and slams on the gas and leaves me in a cloud of dust and you know I can’t breathe good with dust, dirt or whatever that shit is, and I been coughing for days, I was ill, went to the hospital and everything but I’m fine, I’m fine thank God, they gave me steroids for my lungs, but I wanna find his face and I wanna bite into it he makes me so mad…so…I lost everything…all your money and everything, but listen, before you say anything, please, don’t get mad, I’m already gettin’ some of it back and I swear I should have like twenty-five percent–maybe more like fifteen, TEN, TEN percent or so by next Friday and it’s a start, right?

You shoulda been home Paulie, you shoulda.  (sniffs) I was there, waiting…you know?  I swear.  Days.  Days and days.

Joseph Arnone


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