Code of Honor We Live By

In this monologue, KARTER visits his cousin and over the course of many beers opens up to him about their longtime talked about plans and code of honor.

Karter:  You always told me, you always told me that when you make it big you were gonna call me and fly me out to wherever you were and we would make things happen, together.  Together.

That’s what you said.  That’s what you told me.

You’re making money, you’re traveling around the world, have a beautiful wife, kids, just bought a house, TWO HOUSES, even have a bunch of dogs, cats, trees, all kinds of trees on your property, lots of woods and furniture, cars, clothes, expensive suits and nicely cooked meals, whether it’s home or out at a fancy restaurant…

What do I got?!  I work, I slave, running up and down, making people smile cause that’s what I do, I make people smile and each day I wake up, I wait…I think…I hope that the day will come when my phone rings and it’s you, telling me to pack my gear cause it’s happened.

When?  When is it gonna happen?  Has it already happened?  Cause I’m here.  You’re here.  Just tell me.  Is it time?


Oh, man…YOU!  You are my only hope.  I can’t do what you do man.  I can’t do it!  If I could I would but I can’t—I have heart and I’m loyal.  I’d die for you man and I’d kill for you.

When’s it gonna be?  Did you already make it and forget about me man cause if you did just know I still love ya.  I do.  Your…you’re my true brother and I, I, you know what I’m saying cause it’s all, it’s what we’ve always been, our beliefs, our beliefs in the things we do and the code of honor we live by and awwwww man….I just, I just wanna be it, I wanna BE IT, understand?

It’s everything!  What you’re doing, I’ve always been there, always been there and I just want the call.  Just give me the call and say WE ARE ON…

Joseph Arnone


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