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In this monologue, Ziggy complains to her girlfriends about how horrible her hair looks because of the salon she went to.

ZIGGY: I told the bitch I wanted it to look EXACTLY like Kate Hudson. I wanted the sweeping blonde highlights added within a soft golden base. A real natural look! Instead, she gives me more of a Jennifer Aniston sun kissed highlights look. No! I didn’t want this, I feel like Taylor Swift’s soft color with a natural finish or Scarlet Johansson when she had those wispy bangs or even possibly Jessica Alba when she had the lightened frost look. No! No! No!

I wanted Kate Hudson! Pathetic. They don’t know what they are doing in that place. I’ve gone there because EVERYBODY goes there and I look terrible. Look at me! A complete wreck. My hair doesn’t swoop at the sides towards the center, it swoops over to one side!

I don’t even come close to looking classic, cute, sultry, glamorous or stylish. I feel like this is a cruel joke.

Now I have to figure out how to shorten my hair and wear it differently because of the cut I was given. I’m thinking something shorter. Something like a Comb and Go cut. OH! Maybe Rachel Bilson who has the unmistakable 60’s feel. She pulls it off, I could too. OR, maybe I should just wear my hair up. What do you think? Up? Up? Up? Charlize Theron uses a skinny headband or Jessica Simpsons old school but bigger headband. There are tons of cute colors and patterns.

Hmmmm. Something not too bold but then again, why not?!  But maybe screw it all and go with the Kirsten Stewart shave off and dye job instead.  What do you think?

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