In this short drama scene, COLE talks with her mother SARAH in the kitchen about some family issues.


Sarah: I thought for a moment there, just for a moment, things were fine.

Cole: Not in this family, I’m afraid.

Sarah: Yes, yes. (pause.) Can you take out the ah, the eggs for me?

Cole takes eggs out of the refrigerator, placing them on counter.

Cole: Do you need help with—

Sarah: No, no, I’m fine. I’ll do it. Go relax and talk to Dad.

Cole:…Mom…I’m sorry things—

Sarah: No, no, it’s fine, don’t worry, don’t worry…

Cole: Yeah but if she wasn’t such a nasty b***h all the time–

Sarah: I said no, just, go into the other room and let me cook.

Cole: I want you to understand it’s not me.

Sarah: It’s never you, it’s never any of us. Yet, it’s all of us. We are a dysfunctional family.

Cole: Who isn’t? What family is not dysfunctional? Everybody’s crazy.

Sarah: I don’t want to have a crazy family!

Cole: But we are, just face it.

Sarah: I don’t want to face nothing!

Jim: Hey, what’s all the yelling?

Cole: Nothing, Dad, we’re just talking.

Jim: No you aren’t, that’s yelling. I don’t want to hear yelling.

Cole: I don’t want to yell.

Jim: What’s going on?

Cole: Nothing, just forget it.

Sarah: It’s fine.

Jim: I don’t want to hear anymore yelling.

Sarah: Go back inside.

Jim leaves the kitchen.

Cole: Mom, you need to understand it’s her, she’s always causing sh’t to happen.

Sarah: I know but you need to learn to ignore her and be the bigger person.

Cole: Yeah but she says the most horrible things to me.

Sarah: (whispering) You know she’s not well.

Cole: (sighs) Yeah.

Sarah: Whenever she gets rude, you have to be the bigger person and let it be. I know it’s hard but you have to do it. It is the only way she will get better.

Cole: Such bullsh’t.

Sarah: It’s not.

Cole: There’s only so much I can take.

Sarah: You have your own life. You don’t see her everyday. Make the best of it when you do. It isn’t easy for any of us.

Cole: Do you need more bread crumbs?

Sarah: Yes, please.

Cole hands Sarah bread crumb container.

Cole: I’ll try. But she needs to try also.

Sarah: She does. Imagine how she feels. Put yourself in her shoes and imagine what she feels. Okay? I’m not saying she’s right, Cole. I’m only saying she isn’t well and we are her family. She needs us to be stronger.

Cole: I know.

Sarah: Go talk to Dad. I’ll do this. Tell your sister to come down so she can set the table.

Cole: I don’t want to talk to her right now. Can you do it?

Sarah looks at Cole.

Alright, FINE, I’ll get her…

Sarah: Cole, I love you. Everything will be okay.

Cole: Okay…I hope so.

Sarah: It will.

Cole: Okay.

Sarah: Don’t get upset. Life is too short.

Cole. I know, I know…

Sarah: It’s hard on all of us…you know this.

Cole: Yes, I know.

Sarah hugs her daughter.

Sarah: Come on. Fix yourself up and go talk to Dad. Dinner will be ready soon. You hungry?

Cole: Yes.

Sarah: Okay.

Cole: Mom, can I set the table and we talk in general about other things?

Sarah: Of course.

Cole gathers up some plates from the cabinet.


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