Cool Breeze

In Cool Breeze, old school gangster CHARLIE talks about a recent encounter he had with a pair of thieves entering his apartment.

CHARLIE:  I have a dark past, a very dark past…

I never know when someone is going to creep up behind me and try to put a bullet in my head.  But I’m a ghost.  The things I’ve done, were always carried out invisibly…like a cool breeze on a summer night.  But still, you never know…which brings me to my story.

I like getting up early in the morning, usually by 4:30 in the a.m. I’ve already had my espresso and I’m listening to the rest of the world wake up.  As it turns out, there happened to be a prowler, two in fact, that came into my apartment by way of the fire escape.

I didn’t mind.

I let them come in and invited them to sit down.  Of course, they obliged.  I then proceeded to ask them questions about their backgrounds and what exactly they were after by entering my home.

They were your typical thieves.  No real education or proper family upbringing.  I know all about that…but they were genuine, meaning, there was no ulterior motive at play…they simply just wanted to rob my place.

I gave them both a thousand each and told them to leave and never come back and of course, to use the front door to exit.


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