Corner of My Eye

In short serio-comedy monologue, Corner of My Eye, KURT talks to his friend about how he found a tick in his head late one night.

KURT:  We were playing ball all day out in the fields and when we got back to the cabin, I got ready to take a shower.  I happened to look in the mirror first when I notice what appears to be a brownish colored zit, right on my hairline.  So I zoom in with my head towards the mirror and upon closer inspection, discover that what I’m actually looking at isn’t a zit…it was a TICK.  I saw three legs dangling out of an apparent hole in my head that this bug was nestling itself into. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I grabbed the nearest tissue paper I could find and when I turned to look back in the mirror, IT WAS GONE.  At first I thought the little bastard went deeper into my head, so I started panicking.  I squeezed the hole and only blood came out…no bug.  I grabbed a brush and began dredging it through all my hair, hoping it would fly out some how.  My fingers scrambled wildly all through my hair, up and down my scalp, looking for some kind of bump.  Then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted the tick crawling up the wall of the sink.  I grabbed it with a tissue and flushed it down the toilet.

Still freaks me out just talking about it.

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