Cotton Picking Slave

In Cotton Picking Slave, Carleen is raging mad with her husband for his inconsiderate ways and lack of care and concern within their relationship.  

CARLEEN: Fair??  What’s fair??  Who’s FAIR??  I’m FAIR!  Me!  I’m fair!  I give you everything!  All of me and this is the thanks I get.  I’m a cotton picking slave for you!  Why don’t you kick me, whip me, spit on me and bury me somewhere out in a field?  (beat)  What else is left?  (beat) What else is left in this disgusting, disgraceful relationship?  You’re a horrible human being.  I hate your face; that stupid, confused face of yours…CLUELESS, always lost and dumbfounded.  Sick of the way you treat me.  Sick of the way you handle my needs.  See me!  Open those two eyes that you were born with and SEE ME for the love of God.

Joseph Arnone


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