Counter Offer

In this female monologue, REGGI flips the tables on a man who wants to take her out on a first date.

Reggi: I must say you are persistent.  I’ve never met a man so intent on wanting to take me out on a date.  I must admit, you are charming and I do like your hustle.  It feels good to be wanted, however, I need to be honest, I’m not so sure you’re my type.

Here’s what I’m willing to do.  I will go out with you but on one condition and one condition only…I steer.  What I mean is that I will pick you up at your place, with my car. I will pay for our dinner and I will show you a good time.

You see, that will tell me so much about the kind of man you are and it will be a deciding factor if there will ever be a date two.

That’s my counter offer.  So, if you want to go about our date that way, I will pick you up tomorrow evening at six thirty.  I know a great sushi restaurant.

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