Current Status

In Current Status, Parker and the love of his life are parting ways, not because they don’t love one another but because of Parker’s social status.

PARKER:  How can you want to be with that guy? How?  It’s the money, right?  He has loads of money.  Loads and loads of money.  Flying around in his private jet, wearing the sharpest clothes, spinning the hottest wheels…how many properties does he own?

It’s the money and I get it.  You want security, safety and you are willing to sacrifice true love for it…you tell yourself, “Maybe I can love him more over time and things will be fine.  He’s a good man, he’s not that bad.  We’re compatible and we get along, so…”

You’ve settled against what you really want and who you truly are within. You decided to go the safe route and I don’t blame you, I don’t.  I’m too wild for you, too unpredictable…but you can’t look me in the eyes and tell me that what we’ve experienced together wasn’t something unbelievable.  THAT, I know for sure.  Once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky and you know I speak the truth for both of us.

If you’re willing to ignore all those real feelings we have, if you are strong enough to walk away from me and pretend I never happened…go for it…

I know where I’m headed, where I’m going and if you can’t see my dreams, if you don’t love me enough because of my current status, well, I wish you all the happiness in the world, cause you’re gonna need it.

I hope one day you don’t wake up absolutely miserable because you buried the shock of this decision inside yourself.  It will all be too late for us by then.

All we have is now and it’s fading away.  Are you sure you want to be with him?

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