Daddy’s Little Girl

In Daddy’s Little Girl, LONNA tells a co-worker what she really thinks about her at a company ‘booze’ party.

LONNA:  You are such a privileged, spoiled little daddy’s girl.  Aren’t you? Makes me want to vomit in my mouth.  Really, it does, it does. Whenever something goes wrong, you run to DA DA because DA DA will make everything feel better.  Right?  Just like you run to Dan, whenever something goes wrong in the office.  I watch you beeline down the hallways as composed as you can, bursting inside to make sure Dan is on your side.  Hahaha.

Laughable.  You child.  You simpleton.

I know you’re entire life.  I do, I do. Just from looking at you and trust me, I’m not one to judge people just from the mere sight of them but you are a special case.  HA!  It oozes itself out from your pores, polluting the atmosphere you dwell in, choking the people around you with the scent of your brattiness..or is that expensive perfume that MA MA bought for you.  Mmmmm Hmmmm.

You, you, I can’t stand you!  The way you prance around the work place, acting like you are so deserving of what you have.  You have achieved nothing.  You have rocks in your brain.  Daddy paid for your education and you went through all the prompts and got yourself a job with a reputable company name because that’s what a good school gets you and then you found yourself in some managerial position because you worked the ladder of corporate America, bouncing around companies and at the end of the day, you are just like every other entitled little dweller.

You are a fart.

An ego tripping FART.  A little pee pee princess…HA!

…And that’s what I think of you…

Joseph Arnone


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