Dark Clouded Hand

In Dark Clouded Hand, Orton, has been met with a wealthy real estate tycoon, who is trying to rob Orton of his family’s legacy.  This wealthy landowner has been doing everything possible to legally and illegally take the prosperous farm from Orton.   This scene is Orton speaking out against this wealthy man.

ORTON TANNER: You want to take me down?  You want to come here, with your crooked smile, slick demeanor and briefcase full of money, making threatening offers?  Telling me what I should do, WITH MY LAND?!  Denouncing me of my birthright, my heritage, my family’s legacy?!  Well, I got news for you sir, when a pig turns into a rooster, will you ever take this land from my blood.


(softly) Why do men like you exist?


(calmly) Since my Great-Great Granddaddy was alive, he worked this land with a wheel barrel and a strong back, filled with fierce determination, passion and will power that’s been handed down from one Tanner to the next Tanner, with the same love of the work…love of the vision.  Mr. Pierce, without this farm—you take this farm away from my family, from my sons—my children—you are going to destroy—sir, if you can only understand, what you are doing to us…this is everything.

(stronger) Mr. Pierce, please try to comprehend what I speak to you.  I was never a man who was good with putting my thoughts and heart into words…perhaps that may be my shortcoming here today with you but, look into my eyes…


Understand this Mr. Pierce…I will not permit you or anyone else, to ruin—If that be the case sir, then I will lay the dark clouded hand upon myself first, before I allow you to do so.  I will see to it that neither of us benefit.

…Mr. Pierce…please note this…if I must, I will bring great harm upon you.  Now, I don’t—I am not a threatening type of man…in fact, it makes me quiver, as I am a religious man but sir, as sure as my last name is Tanner and as sure as you try to rob my two boys of what is rightfully theirs…I will bring hell upon your doorstep!

…I will—

Joseph Arnone


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