Deep Breath

In Deep Breath, WAYNE is chilling out, having beers with his friends and getting into one of those philosophical conversations we all find ourselves in when we are a bit buzzed.

Wayne:  I want to break things…when the walls close in on me like an old medieval torture chamber device…I get pressure from all sides, like there’s no air to breathe…talking about it now makes me have to take a deep breath—I want to escape it.  I imagine myself in some open field during the summer staring up and chasing the sky with my heart…I know that sounds somewhat romantic or melodramatic or whatever but it’s true and when I think of things like that, it gives me calm; being on my own cloud and traveling around the Earth…visiting new places and discovering India, Russia, France, Hawaii, Australia, Japan, Egypt, Ireland, Italy and on…perhaps we all want to have our own cloud, where we can be invisible and experience life as it should be lived without self-induced responsibilities and worrying about money and bills and issues between our loved ones.

I think we all got life wrong.  The most amazing thing about life is that if we all somehow came together, we can make it as beautiful as it can be.  I dream of that often.  It’s frustrating because it truly is within our control as a world, to give to one another…from our hearts, from our souls..with love and sincerity…if we all did that, no one would have any problems because the whole world would be a giant family of care…I mean, we may still have problems but we would feel like they can always be overcome because we would all have eachother…

It makes you think, right?  Even if you disagree with me…it makes you think…

Joseph Arnone