In this female teen monologue, CATHERINE talks about the boy in her high school that committed suicide.

CATHERINE:  The class was silent today. You could hear the squirrels rustling in the trees outside. I was in shock, we all were.
It was only last week when I saw him in detention, he smiled at me, he had a caring way about him. He was awkward and strange, he just didn’t fit in, we all didn’t pay much notice to him.

I wish I could turn back the time to when we were in detention together. I wish I would have smiled back at him. That was the least I could have done. Now he is gone and we all miss him, perhaps because he felt so distant from us, perhaps because we never truly got the chance to know him.

They said he used the rope which he found in the school gymnasium; his Mother found him in her back garden when she returned from work, the rope still carrying the weight of his frail body. None of us will ever be the same again, as we continue on our lives, this day will never change. He will always will be there, somewhere in our minds.

Daniella Alma

Daniella Alma is an Actress / Producer, born and raised in London, UK and now living in New York City. She is also the Creative Producer/Journalist of Monologue Blogger, wherein she conducts interviews with filmmakers from around the globe. Her leading film work as an Actress has premiered in Festival de Cannes, Tribeca, Renaissance Film Festival and BIFF. Upcoming projects: Daniella Alma's next role will streaming in a new Hulu Original in late 2017.

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