Dirty Mouth

In short monologue, Dirty Mouth, AUNT PATRICIA talks diligently to her teenage niece about how she needs to stop cursing all the time.

AUNT PATRICIA:  You know, you have a real dirty mouth on you.  Is there ever a day when you don’t curse?  Don’t you have any self-respect?  You’re supposed to be a lady and no matter what conversation we’re having, you curse.  That’s not right, you’re too young.  Not only are you too young but nobody should curse as much as you do, regardless of their age.  Who is going to want to be around you?  What friends do you have speaking that way?? (beat)  I am surprised at you, someone so smart, talking the way you do.  You need to put a stop to that habit, start speaking with the intelligence you are blessed with and use words that your brain is capable of using.  I don’t want to hear those filthy words anymore coming from you when you are around me cause you sound dumber than you are.  There’s nothing cool sounding like white trash, especially when you are being brought up with good parents and a sound education.

Joseph Arnone


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