Do It

In this dramatic monologue Do It, S talks to his class of students about the importance of having dreams and wasting time and being your true self.

S: You have a dream?  Then why are you just sitting there scratching yourself all day?  You want to be something?  It’s not going to happen on its own and by itself.  You have to work for it.  You have to put in the work and move towards it.  Too many people wish and dream and never do what it takes to reach their desires.  Don’t be like them!

I know men and women who walk around like they were amputated.  Years have gone by, they gave up and what’s left is this bitter and depressed state of existence.  Doesn’t that scare you?  Is that how you want to end up?

You need to think about your future today.  You have to think about losing time, wasting time and steering clear of distraction.  Every single day counts and you will find that you’ve either spent those precious days building something or losing something.

Don’t lose.  I don’t want you to lose.  Be tough on yourself and bust your ass.  Be who you wish to be by living who you want to be.  Stop wishing and do it.

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