Do Me A Favor

Do Me A Favor is a short comedic monologue for a guy.  Greggie is staying over his friends place but he is in dire need of a pillow exchange.

(holding a pillow only with his index finger and thumb)

Greggie:  Hey, Billy, listen, uh, I know I’m a guest and everything and I totally appreciate your hospitality from you and your wifey…you guys are great, the best, but can you do me a favor and offer me up another pillow, possibly, cause this one has—and you know me, you know I wouldn’t lie to you and I’m trying to—maybe the dog happened to rub—

I mean, I was already in bed, nice and comfortable and when I put my head down on the pillow—cause I like to lay on my stomach—I was completely engulfed in what can only be described as pure ass and also what I think is a healthy dose of breath to go with it, it got on my neck and cheek and part of my lip, here (pointing to his lip)—it’s all red now, but don’t worry, I’ll make it through—well, not to be rude but do you, ah, do you happen to have another pillow, a clean pillow that doesn’t make me gag or make my nostrils flare up?


Joseph Arnone


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