Doesn’t Mean It Wasn’t Love

In Doesn’t Mean It Wasn’t Love, Jane is in her kitchen, making food and giving advice to her daughter, sharing her memories of her first real love.

JANE: Well, I was young when we met, around sixteen. I loved him, I was madly in love with him. And we both knew we had something special. He was a gorgeous man…and I thought the world of him but we were young. I was too young…he was too young, it was never really going to work. Sometimes it does but that’s rare.

I needed to leave the city, I wanted to travel, get to know myself before I could love him. But then you know, life takes us in different directions.

Just because a couple doesn’t stay together, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t love. Sometimes we abandon the things we love the most…why? I don’t know…I’ve never…perhaps we know that too much of a good thing doesn’t always give us what we were looking for.

Toward the end he didn’t put up the kind of fight I was expecting him to, so I thought maybe he didn’t need me that badly, maybe it’s good for him, too. So, you can’t blame yourself, you can’t blame him…

Rose, you have to do what you feel is most right for you, otherwise you’ll never be happy, you’ll always wonder, what if…


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