Don’t Ever Let Me Leave

In Don’t Ever Let Me Leave, Man/Woman discusses their love for life and all the experiences they would like to have before parting.

Man/Woman: I don’t want to leave this world.  I want to stay here forever.  I don’t want to ever leave.  I love life.  I love breathing.  I love laughing and dancing and playing and making love and thinking…I love mystery and passion and emotion…I love seeing, tasting, hearing, touching and being able to smell…I love crying…I love struggle…rejection, ambition, making love, caressing, kissing, sweating…pain…reading, watching, chewing, eating, running, walking and holding hands…coffee, tea, beer, well done steaks and over baked lasagna, I love her smell, her hair, her body, her eyes, skin, soul…I love my life…my art, my doubt, hopes, dreams, realities, disappointments and successes…I love togetherness and loneliness, homeless people and rich people, lunatics and boring people…roller-coasters and cotton candy, movie popcorn and pretzels with hot cheese…grilled cheese sandwiches in Brooklyn, espresso in Queens, steaks in Philly, tea in London, freshly baked bread in France, potatoes and Guinness beer in Ireland, the waves of Costa Rica, sunsets of Cali and the Big Apple that I love most of all, my heart and home…I love it all and I never want to leave…please, don’t ever let me leave…please.  I love my blood, my family, my friends, my enemies…strangers and associates…I kiss you all.  I love you all.  I love everything I’ve forgotten to say I love…and so much more.

Joseph Arnone


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