Don’t Panic

In this teen drama monologue, Don’t Panic, LACEY calls her mother after having a car accident due to a drunk driver ramming into her car.

(on her cellphone)

LACEY:  Mom, Mom, listen okay..don’t panic…we were, we were just in a car accident.  Calm down!  No one is hurt, just a little shaken up and bruised but, we are both okay.  The car—this man crashed right into us while we were at a stop sign. It was a drunk guy.  He came from behind and bashed in the whole trunk of the car.  The cops are here now and they’re taking him to jail…can you come here now cause I’m really…I need you to pick us up cause the car won’t start. Can you come now, Mom?  We are right by the mall.  Please, hurry.  (beat)  We are fine, I swear, I am fine and Shanna is fine, we didn’t get hurt Mom, we are just a little…just come now, please.

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