Drama Class: 5 Powerful Monologues for Middle Schoolers

Drama teachers may use MB’s 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade middle school monologues for acting class entirely free.  Drama lesson insight included below.

As a drama teacher of young students, it is always important that you tread lightly when it comes to heavier dramatic material.

Children are very impressionable and it’s always crucial to establish a fun ‘role play’ environment for them.  Young actors must understand that they are in fact ‘play acting’ and that they are examining the character in the monologue they are working on.

The very next thing we recommend is drawing upon what can be extracted from the monologue in terms of its moral value and life lessons.

When children begin to understand what their character is addressing and experiencing, it is always a good idea to raise questions about their own opinion of what’s taking place.  This is positive for their own personal development as well as their comprehension of the monologue.

When a young actor begins to make the correlation between themselves and their character’s circumstances, it will help guide them to take on the role playing when they deliver their monologue piece.

For each monologue shared, we discuss some of the subject and themes you may wish to explore with your students.

5 Powerful Monologues for Middle Schoolers

5 Powerful Monologues for Middle Schoolers

It’s Torture – Darren comes from a broken home and hates going by his father’s house on the weekends.

  • A divorced family and its impact on a young boy who is supposed to visit his father on the weekends and doesn’t want to.  The drama teacher can explore what it means to be disconnected from a loved one.  Is it resentment towards his dad?  Is it frustration because his own personal life is being interrupted?  These are questions to discuss with your student to help them make their own creative choices with the monologue.

Nobody Bothers Me – Patrick has been questioned by his Uncle as to whether or not he is still getting picked on at school.  Patrick denies it but in reality, he still is and doesn’t want to admit the truth.

  • Patrick has had this bully problem for about a year and although his parents have talked to the school about the issue, it hasn’t been resolved.  Patrick is still getting bullied off school property when coming home.  His Uncle senses that his nephew is hiding the truth, which is why he questions him about it.  Patrick’s response is a cover up to the truth.  Why is Patrick hiding the truth?  Is he embarrassed?  What does your student think?

Final Goodbye(can be a boy or girl) Sam says his final goodbye to the friend he made…Buddy, a dog chained up in a yard.

  • Sam spends his summers over his Grandparents house and found himself making friends with their dog Buddy.  Sam would secretly take Buddy off its leash and the two would walk together on adventures.  The day has come for Sam to go back home and this is his final goodbye.  What does it mean to say goodbye to a good friend?  This monologue explore a sense of loss with the hope of being reunited again the following summer.

Wonky – Byron talks about how he always receives second hand toys from his parents.

  • Byron is saddened by the fact that he always gets half broken toys or used toys at best.  Although he is young, he does understand that maybe his family can’t afford to buy him brand new toys.  It is because of his family’s lower class income that Byron identifies with his toy collection because they come in missing parts.  This monologue explores identity and understanding the value of a dollar.

Show and Tell – Annamarie’s father didn’t show up to show and tell and in this monologue she complains to her mother about it.

  • Annamarie is deeply her and disappointed at her father for not coming to her show and tell.  She is humiliated at school in front of her friends and feels unloved.  Why didn’t her father make it?  This monologues explores the feeling of being abandoned and let down.  Annamarie is daddy’s little girl and this is the very first time he has ever hurt her in such a way so this is all new to her.  She tries to not show her pain but despite herself she tells her mother in so many words.

If you are looking for free acting games and drama exercises for your students, MB has a growing collection of material you may find useful for your class.  We invite you to take a look at the following resources.

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