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Drama Activities for Kids and Teens

There’s a really wonderful acting game you can use with your students.  This exercise takes the form of improvisation and explores character, physical/inner action and imagination.

Step One – Assign

Ask your students to stand in a circle and if one of them would like to start things off.

With your first actor, give them a character and an action.  Keep it simple.

For example:

  • DJ setting up their stage equipment.
  • Mechanic fixing a tire.
  • Nursery worker tending to a garden
  • Waiter/Waitress serving a tray of food and drink.

Allow the actor to create the world with their imagination.  No props are permitted to be used for this exercise.  The actor needs to rely on their miming skills to paint the picture and reveal the story of the character.

Step Two – Freeze

Any acting student standing in the circle can yell out the word FREEZE at any given moment but should be mindful of allowing a minimum of thirty seconds for the actor in the circle to perform.

The actor performing in the center of the circle will freeze their position as soon as someone yells the word freeze.

The actor who yelled out the word freeze will enter the circle and tap the actor currently frozen.

Step Three – Switch

The frozen actor will go back to joining the group circle and the next actor now in the center will assume the same position as the one who was tapped out.

Once the next actor assumes the same position as the previous one, they will then invent a new character and action on their own.

The key to keep in mind here is that the action must be truthful to the next character.

For instance, if one actor is a painter and their action is going up and down a wall with a paint roller and an actor in the circle yells the word freeze, the actor in the circle may freeze while reaching upward.

When the next actor enters the circle and takes on the exact pose they may translate that into a zoo keeper reaching up and into a cage to grab an animal or a plumber reaching up to remove a pipe.

This exercise is terrific for working the imagination of a young acting student.  There are unlimited possibilities of character and action from this concept to add to your own lessons.

For additional drama games and exercises for your drama class, please take a look at the following:


This is a really fun exercise to use with your acting students in drama class.  The ability to think on one’s feet can really create in the actor a skill for spontaneity.

Step 1: Assign – assign the first actor a character and action to get things started.

Step 2: Freeze – one of the actors in the circle yells the word freeze and enters the circle.

Step 3: Switch – both actors switch with one actor entering the circle and assuming the frozen position and the other actor leaving the circle.

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