In drama script Drill, Maxwell visits Dr. Bethany claiming he deliberately damaged his wife’s tooth to have a root canal. 1 man, 1 woman.

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Dr. Bethany: I understand you were pretty animate over the phone so I was a bit alarmed and concerned over whether or not I should have you in my office.

Maxwell: Thank you for seeing me but this is an important matter and I am glad we are face to face to discuss this.

Dr. Bethany: Well, to be honest, you threatened a law suit so of course, that isn’t something I wouldn’t like but if we must go to court, we will.

Maxwell: Why don’t you listen to what I have to say first before we get off on the wrong foot? (beat) The situation is simple…my wife came in for a teeth cleaning and during the cleaning you talked her into getting her cavity fixed.

Dr. Bethany: I did not talk your wife into doing anything.  If you are going to begin our conversation making accusations then I think it best we do not talk any further.

Maxwell: You brought up to my wife that she had a cavity, did you not?

Dr. Bethany: That is correct.  The X-Ray showed—

Maxwell: We will get to the X-Ray.  My wife was there for a cleaning and you advised her to have her tooth filled in because of a cavity.  According to the X-Ray it showed an extremely minor cavity.  You never mentioned it was minor and you drilled the hell out of her tooth to give her a so-called filling.  The very next day my wife was complaining of discomfort and a few days after that, pain.  The pain got increasingly worse and after two months of this it peaked and when she came back here you told her that she needed a root canal.

Dr. Bethany: The problem got worse.  Let me explain.  Not all filled cavities work out.  Sometimes the filling will expand.  In this case it expanded and hit the nerve, which is the cause of your wife’s pain.

Maxwell: Oh, is that right?  Right, right…okay, so, what you’re telling me is that the cavity you fixed actually brought her to the point of needing a root canal, which, according to you is twenty-eight hundred and our insurance doesn’t cover that, which, you already know about.

Dr. Bethany: This can go back and forth and I see you are upset but there really isn’t anything I can do.  The cavity worsened.

Maxwell: It worsened because you touched it.  It worsened because you deliberately made it worse.  You never needed to touch it to begin with.

Dr. Bethany: It was on the X-Ray.

Maxwell: Ah, but you see, that’s where you’re wrong.  I have the records.  I have the X-Rays and I had two other Dentists look at them and they show no signs of tooth decay.  All of her teeth are healthy.  When you look at her teeth months after she visited your practice, her one tooth suddenly needs a root canal.  Oh and I got news for you.  Here’s something you didn’t know, we have a home dentist Doctor that we visit every six months.  Three months prior, my wife had X-Rays on her teeth and those X-Rays too showed that she was completely healthy and fine.  So, how do you explain that?

Dr. Bethany:  Mr. Maxwell you need to leave my office or I will call the police and—

Maxwell: That’s what’s wrong with the healthcare system.  People like you abuse it and take advantage of it and you rob it so much that it gets taken away from the people who truly need it, like my wife and I and you force us into problems because of your lack of care, concern and integrity and leave people with severe problems who can’t afford these outrageous prices that they shouldn’t have to pay to begin with!

Dr. Bethany: I’m calling the police!  Get out of my office, sir!

Maxwell: You’re a thief!  Corrupt!  I will sue you and take you down.  I’m not going to let you get away with this and take advantage of innocent people that don’t see your lies and tricks.  Well, I do!  I promise you, you will have your license revoked and you will be called out for who you truly are so no one else needs to be taken for a ride.  You dishonest, horrible human being.  You will pay!

(Maxwell storms out of the office)


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