Dusting Off The Demons

In the dramatic monologue Dusting Off The Demons, CHESTER gets a speech from his closest friend on dusting off his demons.

L: You’ve spent too much time boozing and popping pills during your lifetime. Your focus on anything always gets derailed and causes you to take years to get any one project completed.

I wish you were different.  I wish you would clean yourself up already.

You have so much potential, so much talent and it drives me crazy seeing you do nothing with it.

You let your inner demons beat you down into laziness.  You talk a good talk but you don’t muster up the strength to kill them off and stand strong for your beliefs.

I can’t do it for you, man.  You need to drain the poison inside yourself, bury it and get free to be the person you’re born to be.  All this other shit is a huge waste of time and for what?  You enjoy the high too much?  Right?  Getting lost in your rabbit hole and mind trips and all for what?  What good is it doing, Chester?  What good?

I know I’m beating a dead horse here…I get it…I know you all too well.  I just personally wish there was a way for you to crank up a stronger work ethic so you actually get things done for yourself.

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