Each Time She Leaves Our Home

In this monologue, HENRY talks to his neighbor about his over the top concerns about how he seems to constantly worry about his daughter.

Henry:  I worry too much about my daughter.  I’m a pretty level headed guy but as my daughter has gotten older, I worry about her well being, constantly.  I would say its even gotten to the point of an unhealthy obsession.

This world we’re all living in today, it’s crazy.  Everybody cursing one another out in public and media, all the nonsense going on with terrorism, the shootings in our schools…it gives me anxiety for the well being of my daughter.

Back then it used to be normal concerns like not dating boys until a certain age or not coming home too late, doing your homework and get good grades but now, now…it’s like a war zone out there.

The best thing I could do is give my daughter all the guidance I have in me to give and pray for the best in her life.

I just want to learn how to cope better without stressing so much over her each time she leaves our home and without being one of those annoying, nagging fathers.

Joseph Arnone


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