Edgar Suddenly Goes Real Dark

In Edgar Suddenly Goes Real Dark, Edgar talks to a manager at his job who bullies him constantly, about going too far and toning it down.

Edgar is an eccentric character, he is extremely shy and kind and pretty much keeps to himself but he has a dark side nobody is aware of and nobody would ever want to come into contact with.


EDGAR:  If you can just do me this favor, I’d really appreciate it, Mark.  I know you get off on joking around and teasing me and I must admit, you do make me laugh at times, even if I’m the joke, but, I think scratching your butt-hole with your index finger and wiping it on my upper lip and nostrils is taking things too far.

A bit, a little bit, yeah.

I’d appreciate it if you can take a step back and come down a notch or two.  Yeah.

You can still hassle me, I’m not saying you need to stop smacking me in back of the head, noogies or pinching me, but the other stuff goes against your typical grain of teasing tactics.

It’s a bit much, a bit, yeah.

And of course, Mark, if you don’t mind me saying this, of course if you don’t wish to listen, cause it’s within your own compass as to what you feel will be acceptable behavior, according to your own judgement…umm, umm, if you ever wipe a dirty finger on my face again, I’ll just have to kill you.

(Edgar suddenly goes real dark)

But, like, really, really, really, really kill you.  I will really kill you, Mark.

(awkward pause.)

(friendly again)

So, it’s entirely up to you if you would like to put that in your wheelhouse or not but I wanted to say what I needed to say, so at least I said it and gave you a fair shake to decide for yourself.

Back to work for me…have a good rest of your day, Mark.

Joseph Arnone