In this drama monologue, VICTORIA has invited Florence over for afternoon tea in order to warn her of ending a possible love interest elsewhere.

VICTORIA: You speak so very well of Mr. Tandum and yet, he is viewed as quite a radical amongst closed circles.  He appears to be a bit, eccentric.  Do you not agree, Florence?


There are people, rumors for lack of a better word, that describe Mr. Tandum as two men.  On one hand he appears to be a genuine gentleman, yet, on the other hand he appears to be a savage beast.  Which one is the real Mr. Tandum?  I wonder.

It’s always been advised to stay away from such confused men.  If a man does not know his true calling, then why not simply look the other way?  He doesn’t seem to have the proper manner, the discipline, the correct demeanor of a Mr. Bennett or a Mr. Arnauld or my brother, Charles…

(lowering her voice) I have also heard that Mr. Tandum’s father was a bit of a reckless one…that he would abandon his family for long periods of time and travel across the country selling false cures and potions to the sick!  This I know for certain.  Mmm.  Indeed.

Point being my dear Florence, is that I have heard of a possible, oh, I don’t really want to use the word…courtship…which surely must be falsified truth…between you and this Mr. Tandum.  (she laughs) I am certain that such talk is ridiculous but also must be kept hidden.

One can only imagine where such fabrications of reality get made.  (she chuckles)  It is pure theatrics.  But, where was I?  Oh, yes!  May I remind you that my brother Charles will not hear of such nonsense, as I am most certain it will humiliate any further advancements he has in mind for you.  Mmm. Indeed.

There you are…can Frederick offer you some more tea?

Joseph Arnone