Empty Pockets, Empty Dreams

In Empty Pockets Empty Dreams, Warren, an older, wiser man, expresses his un-welcomed point of view in regards to his observation of studying a father, talking to his boy about “dreams”.

Warren is a man who has lived a full yet regrettable life.  He is a man that wishes he can go back in time in order to “do what he wishes he knew now”.  He wears an old beat up, white fedora hat and smokes a Cubana cigar.  He wears round black lensed sunglasses, a white satin suit and a lose silky blue poca dotted tie.

Even though his attire is expensive, his appearance looks exhausted.  A tired man in every sense of the word.  His soft voice speaks volumes to the listener upon hearing its tone and subtlety.  He is a gentle man who does not find the need to prove his authority on people.  He wears a gold watch and a gold ring on his pinky finger.  His face contains that of a feeble smile.

WARREN: So, what’s the war on, Warren?  (chuckles)  Yeah, yeah, yeah…the war on Warren.


(puffs from his cigar)

I ain’t nothin’ but a pair of lost aces.  Yeah, yeah.  Empty pockets, empty dreams.  Yeah, yeah.  You ask me who I am, what do I do cause I overheard you talking to your son about the business of show business.  There isn’t enough life to tell my life, that’s how much there is my friend.

Heard you talkin’ about, what, about pumpin’ those cents into dollars for your boy.  I get it, I get your vibe daddy but you’re better off selling it to someone you don’t care about.  Now, I’m not trying to rain on your talk with your boy, hell, he don’t even know nor will he remember if he knew, what it is I’m sayin’.


All we could ever do is do what we can for our kids.  Show them what we feel is the right way, keep them in the light, out of harms way.  Guide them into making the right choices in life, even when we stand by and watch them make the wrong ones, we will always be there to pick them up from whatever turmoil they expose themselves too.  All we can do is try…I hear the passion in your voice for your child.  You are a man who has not accomplished his dreams and now looks to your little boy to fulfill your promise.

What about his promise?

Is it fair to do what you are doing to this, seven, eight year old?  (quickly) Now hold on a sec before you get all hasty and pasty on me, I’m still your senior.  You don’t have to listen neither, you can get up and move along if you wish.  That’s okay.


Let him follow his own dreams and let him make his own discoveries before you make him YOU.  Let him be HIM.  Listen, you have carried him this far, am I right?  Let him begin to carry himself now.  You will be there to catch him but allow for him to go HIS way and look on proudly.

I hear you talkin’ friend.  And it’s understandable.  I don’t blame you one bit.  But you will one day blame yourself.  One day you’ll be me.  I’m just a lonely stranger with a message.  Take me as you will but know what I speak.  K-N-O-W.

Support his endeavors and don’t make HIS life, yours.  You’ve had your shot, let him have his…

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