Endless is a teen monologue, Billy goes on a bit of a rant about all the phonies he encounters in his life at his school.

Billy:  Why don’t I get along with anybody?  Cause I see through all the bullshit.  I see the phonies.  The fake smiles and secret agendas.  It drives me sick.  Some days I wish I’d get hit in the head so I can have less awareness of all the nonsense I see in my school.

There’s this one girl Jenny who drives me up the wall.  She brown noses every teacher to no end.  She gets straight A’s in all the subjects and she’s just so…adult.  I wish she would act her age and not have to act so perfect all the time. It’s repulsive to me.

Then there’s Ronnie.  Everybody loves Ronnie.  Star of the football team.  Look out!  He’s such a creep; absolute rocks in his brain.  He’s a great football player, I’ll give him that but the dude is still in first grade.  But everybody sucks up to him and he’s so popular just because he can throw a football.  It’s mindless.

Maybe I’m being too damn harsh.  But I see the phonies everywhere I look.  Not just in my school.  At a restaurant, the way the waiter works for his lousy tip or the daughter who smiles charmingly at her father in the mall, so he can buy her clothes.  It’s so endless.

I wish people were more honest with one another.  More straight up and not so damn fake.

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