Here is a list of some of Monologue Blogger’s popular ePlays.  To review our full catalogue, please refer to our Shop section.

ATTENTIONMichelle and Marsha try to come to terms with what they feel isn’t the greatest of families.  This one act play covers love, trust and acceptance.

COMFORT ZONEIn this one-act play, Lara and her boyfriend Jake are on their way to a rave but don’t leave their place until a couple of ‘issues’ get discussed.  

DEAD WEIGHT – In this one-act ePlay, TIA makes her final attempt at saving the man she loves, CRIS, by trying to get him to go to rehab and face his reality, before he skips town. 

FUNGUS AMONG USIn this one-act play, ALEXA and MARA team up to battle it out with what they believe to be a possible creature residing in their refrigerator. 

MEDIUMIn this one-act eplay, Derek and Jeanine disagree on the correct size clothing Derek should be wearing.

MY SIDE OF THINGS – In this one-act ePlay, Clara and her sister Tyra rediscover their deep bond after painful admissions get made. 

PLAYING THE VICTIM – In this one-act ePlay, Sally visits her best friend Helena to share exciting news only to be shut down over Helena’s never-ending problems. 

SECOND LOOKIn this one-act play, Cher talks to her dear friend Lea about not being certain if she is still attractive to men. 

TREAT ME NICEIn this one-act play, CORINNE and MOM live together and try to find a deeper closeness by discussing the father/husband that abandoned them. 

WASTED TALENTIn this one-act play, Donnie goes back in time to shed light on his present day state of mind, to try and make peace with his best friend’s suicide.