Every Which Way

In this monologue, SUSANNA talks to her former best friend about why they can’t be best friends anymore because of what was done in the past.

SUSANNA:  You try so hard to be my friend again.  Every which way, but it doesn’t work like that.  What you did really put a wedge between us…I would say a split but we have so much history for so many years—I’v been confused on my end as well as far as letting you into my life…to a certain degree, that’s as far as you will be allowed to go. Anything more than that is a lie and at times, speaking to you on any level makes me feel like I’m lying to myself because I really don’t care much about you anymore at this point.  Sure, I miss you at times, think back on all the laughs we had—sometimes I even feel like I’m making too much of a fuss and it’s really not that big a deal after all…but, I don’t know…I could never fully trust you again and if I let you back in to my world, I will always have in the back of my mind, what you did.

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