Everything Will Work Itself Out

In this monologue, Aunt Giulia talks warmly to her most beloved niece to comfort her over a terrible argument she witnessed with her nephew.

Aunt Giulia:  That’s how you avoid it…conflict.  Whenever he gets on your nerves and says things that make your neck go red, the best thing for you to do is tune him out.  Just tune him out.

I know it’s not easy.  I’d like to take a bat to his head also but it’s family and it’s not right to think that way.  It’s wrong.  Can’t be like that.

He’ll come around.  One thing I know about your brother is that he’ll come around.  He has a good heart but he has a lot of pride.  Deep down he’s a good person.  Believe me, right now he feels bad but his pride is getting in the way of his judgment.

The fact that you didn’t argue back this time is making it weigh on him…heavy.  He feels it, don’t worry, he feels it.  His good conscience will slowly take over and he’ll come to his senses from how he treated you and what he said.

It wasn’t right what he said and he knows it wasn’t right.  Disgusting.  I can’t believe the words that came out of his mouth.  I want an apology too.  Should never speak that way to anyone, especially a woman and especially his sister.  If your father was alive today, believe me, he’d think twice.

So don’t worry, sweetheart.  I promise you, everything will work itself out in good time.

Joseph Arnone


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