Evolution Of Man

In Evolution of Man, CHERYL talks to her boyfriend about him wanting to have intercourse way too often.

Cheryl: You are way too much. Everyday you want it! Is that all you think about? Is it?  When will you think about other important aspects of this relationship?

You make me feel like that’s all you want! I’m washing the dishes, you’re there! I’m cleaning the windows, you’re there! I’m brushing my teeth, you’re there!

Don’t you get tired, Burt?

I understand you have needs, we all have needs but your needs are over the top. Learn to ease up a bit.  Don’t make our relationship only about one thing.  I want to feel your passion in other areas as well.  Evolve a bit.  We aren’t living in cave man days anymore.  Okay?

Do you think you can do that for me?

Joseph Arnone


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