Expect A Major Storm

Expect a Major Storm is a dramatic monologue about a business tycoon W.O. who deliberately sits down next to someone at a restaurant in order to make a specific point.

W.O.: Do you know who I am?  (beat)  Of course you don’t.

(he smiles)

You talk a big game.  A lot of hot air.  Such mean things you’ve said.  Indirectly, you’ve stated them.  I am one who likes to look someone in the eye and see what they are made of…I like to see how much fight they have in them.

(he blatantly stares)

If your desire is to get me to accept your challenge, consider your motive fulfilled.  Maybe your words weren’t meant for me…but I am not one to imagine otherwise.  If a small breeze caresses your face, is it not felt?  You can’t spend life only searching for tornadoes.

(he stares)

You have a nice face.  I’ve seen many nice faces turn to sour milk.  Yes, yes, yes, many, many.  Sad.

Listen carefully…do you hear it?  ..Mmm…sometimes when we ask for rain, we encounter a major storm.

Joseph Arnone


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