You Have An Extra Pen You Can Spare?

Another day at the office.  Yippy skippy.

JEFFERSON: What is it with you?  Every time I ask you a question you stop and get crossed eyes.  Does the brain not function too rapidly?  You a bit slow or what?  I don’t mind if you are slow, okay?  I don’t give a shit.  Just let me know so I don’t get frustrated waiting for you to respond to what I believe to be a simple question.  Okay?


So, what is it?  (beat)  Are you slow in the head?  (beat)  You’re not slow.  Okay.  Then why do you pause for so long when I—you’re thinking.  I see.  What is there to really think about?  It’s not like you’re working for SpaceX as an engineer and I’m Elon Musk asking you how we are gonna get back to Earth from Mars.

I’m only asking you if you have an extra pen you can spare so I can fill out my report.

Joseph Arnone