Face of the World

In Face of the World, DOUGLASTON shares some wisdom with his Grandson about his innocence in the face of the world.

DOUGLASTON:  You’re too damn honest, that’s your problem in life.  You need to bend the rules or else you’re never going to get anywhere.  You need to mix it up, stop playing it safe or else you’re never going to learn anything.  I’m not saying that being an honest human being is a bad thing.  Heck, I wish the entire world of people worked that way but we are a strange breed.  (beat)  Your folks raised you good, they raised you the way any good parents would want their child to turn out as a young adult.  Nothing wrong with their idealism but it’s a false ambition.  (beat)  It gets a bit tricky and I will try to explain…you see, you were brought up proper, not to lie, not to steal, be honorable to your fellow man, help those in need, work hard, be kind and do the right thing.

I believe it can damage a young buck such as yourself. Now, I don’t mean to go out there in the face of the world and not execute all those things which apparently exudes from your DNA.  What I wish to be clear about is that when you take someone such as yourself and you throw him into a tank full of sharks, chances are the sharks will eat the living shit out of you and you will never know the wiser, son.  (beat)  Be who you are, be the best of who you believe yourself to be but don’t think the world around you is going to reflect your own set of moral responsibilities and beliefs.  Be aware of the fact that other people you encounter, simply won’t.  Doesn’t mean the good and the bad don’t coexist; life isn’t as black and white as that but you get what I’m saying, don’t ya?  Just means that you must always have a self-awareness in relation to your surroundings and only evolve according to what you believe is right for your own heart and soul.  Protect yourself at all times by looking deeply into the eyes of your fellow man and always pay attention to the invisible winds that will blow themselves in your direction.  You might not SEE them, but you will always FEEL them.

Joseph Arnone


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