Face is a spoken word styled monologue entirely open for the actors own interpretation.

WHAT:…depleted of my belongings…what has belonged to me and; given me anew.

(2 second pause)

But is this what I wanted or what I am?


(rapidly) when he appeared to me was i born to do what i do i don’t know because his face that face his face his face when i sat in my chair all alone and was stoned and was relaxed and was watching when he suddenly appeared and was it an apparition or was it real and if it was real than what did it mean was it a sign for what i am or was it in my head?

(2 second pause)

In my head; what I saw…what my two eyes saw; this large face that shook me, that shook me back and my breath, my breath froze mid-way in my chest and my mouth, my mouth dropped low and I gasped, I gasped simultaneously as my nerve, my nerve held on firm.

(5 second pause)

Held on firm, only to, only to lead me to, lead me to where I am; here.  What is here, what is now?


…depleted of my belongings…what has belonged to me and; given me anew.


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