Faces I Know

In Faces I Know, Pete talks to his horse FREEDOM about his inner most thoughts. He is a young Southerner fed up with how people act in life.

(Petey chews tobacco)

PETE:  They all think they know life?  If they all knew life, they’d all do right by life.  Life did right by them cause their here but that don’t mean they doin’ life any favors.

I look at all these faces I know and I see all the things they do.  Don’t look right to me.  Ain’t ever looked right to me, except for Pippa but Pippa is a one in a million rare case.  That she is, alright and you too, can’t forget you.  (beat)  Maybe I should do something…

I don’t know Freedom, I keep gettin’ these ideas…keep gettin’ ideas to go and do something.  Damn it to hell.  I don’t know…you wanna go for a ride?  Maybe that’s the only way for now, Freedom.

The only way for us now, boy.

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