Fact of the Matter

In dramatic monologue Fact of the Matter, DIANE complains to her brother about how he hasn’t called their ailing Mother.

DIANE: (on phone) She’s been sick in the hospital for four days and NOW you call me to get the number???  What’s wrong with you?  This is your Mother, your Mother!  You have ONE Mother Benjamin…ONE.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  (beat)  I don’t give a shit where you were or what excuses with your phone you want to give me…the fact of the matter is that you knew about it DAYS ago and you waited until now to call me back.  No, no, stop, stop with your bullshit excuses Ben, okay?  I’m done with it….the number is (make up a number).  Did you take it down?  Call her NOW.

(she hangs up phone)

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