Fair Play

Steg and Belt are having a private meeting over what their strategy is going to be for dealing with a business problem.  3 Men.  Drama.

Fair Play

Conference Room.  Night. 

STEG: I want him dead.

BELT: I want him dead, too, but we can’t kill him.

STEG: Why not? He can be removed inside of three days.

BELT: This man has much power, more than he reveals.

STEG: What do you mean?

BELT: We’ve dug much further. This guy has an entire life that you would not believe.

STEG: I’m listening.

BELT: This guy does not exist.

Steg squints his eyes.

Yes, on paper and what is shown to the public, yes…he is very real, his friends, family, all of it…but none of it is actually real. This guy has support.

STEG: What kind of support?

BELT: The kind we can’t figure out.

STEG: Why do you talk in riddles? What kind of support?!

BELT: This man has influence the likes of which we’ve never seen. We cannot trace the root but we’ve gotten close enough to…

STEG: Go on…

BELT: We don’t know who or what but we know it exists.

STEG: I want him dead.

BELT: Steg, listen, if we touch this guy, we don’t know what the hit back will be. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? We don’t know the wizard behind the curtain.

STEG: I don’t buy into any of this nonsense. He’s just a man. Like any of us. He is hurting our business and eventually he will swallow us up. We cannot allow that to happen! We are talking money, jobs, family, our entire way of living. Gone! He is one man!

BELT: I’m afraid it isn’t so simple.

STEG: Bullsh’t!!

Phone rings on table.

Steg and Belt look at one another. Steg hits speaker button.

STEG: Hello?

VOICE: Hello Steg…hello Belt.

STEG: Who is this?

VOICE: What matters is that you listen to me, very closely. What Belt is saying to you is true. You are playing with dynamite and you don’t even know it. This is the way we handle business. Under the radar. We know you’re watching but we’ve been watching you way before you’ve been watching us. The best thing for you to do Steg, is to let the playing field be played on. We believe in fair play.  We will talk again when the time is right. In the meantime, I would listen to Belt because his instincts will keep you alive.


STEG: Hello? Hello?!

Steg pushes phone and stands.

What is this?! Who was that? Is this, are you messing with me? Are you trying to frame me?!

BELT: (calmly) No…this…Jesus…my findings are true. I was actually hoping that…well, there was a chance I was wrong but, not now.

STEG: What are we going to do?

BELT: Well, we need to continue business as usual. No more digging. Just fight fire with fire because obviously the playing field has been leveled.

Steg sits.

STEG: This is all impossible.

BELT: No, it’s not. This is…this is real.


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