Family Unit

Isabella goes on a bit of a rant with her husband because she’s waited long enough for them to have children and she no longer wishes to wait.

Isabella: How much do you need, Raymond?  When is enough, truly ever enough?  You have a yacht, homes all around the world, your business continues to grow and grow…what more can you possibly want?


I’m sorry, but no…I’ve waited long enough.  I want children.  You promised me that when things took off that you would have children with me.  I’ve waited years!  I’ve stood by your side the whole way through and now it’s my turn.  You owe me.  I want kids.

Before you make your next investment, before you take your next flight out, before you plan your next great expansion, I want to come first…I want to become pregnant, while I’m young and strong and I want it now.  Do you hear me?  NOW.

If you make me wait longer, I am divorcing you.  (beat)  Don’t you want a family of your own?  Don’t you want to be a unit and feel like a real family?  (beat)  Don’t you love me?  Well, let’s make a baby…

Joseph Arnone


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