Fantastic Day With My Precious Son

In Fantastic Day With My Precious Son, MISCHA talks to her mother on the phone about the trouble she’s having raising her son Robbie.

MISCHA:  Mom, please, I had the day of days…Robbie drove me crazy all day and didn’t stop acting up until I finally got him to sleep.  This had to be the worst he’s ever been.  It got to the point where I almost drove him to the mental asylum.

It began bright and early before I took him to pre-school and he starts moaning for iced tea.  Just crying for iced tea from the first ask.  I wanted him to have orange juice but he insisted on iced tea and he got so worked up that I gave into him because I’m already rushing to get him to his school on time.

So, after getting him dressed, feeding him and going through more tantrums, I get him in the car and that was it, he explodes with screaming and crying, shouting at me that he wants iced tea in his green mug, not the red one.  This is while I’m driving.  He’s making me so nervous that I can’t even concentrate on the road and he throws his drink and I’m trying to….

(she pulls herself together)

I pulled over and I couldn’t take it.  He’s screaming, I’m crying and all of a sudden a cop knocks on the driver’s side window.  I jump and roll down my window and the cop asks me for my license and registration.  I look at the cop dead in his eye and I said, “Are you kidding me right now?  Can’t you see that I’m dealing with the devil for a son!”  The cop was completely dumbfounded, you should have seen his face actually…(she laughs) like someone smacked him hard in back of the head.  (she laughs again and sighs)

I rolled my window back up and drove off in a blaze.  The cop never followed me, he let me go.  I would have let me go to if I were him, quite honestly.

And then, the best part of it all is that I get Robbie to school and he’s an angel.  Like nothing ever happened, as if the morning was warm and cuddly.  He was smiling and happy to go to school, waving at one of his friends and he kisses me on the cheek and runs into class with all the other kids.

Can you explain that one to me?  Yeah, so that was my wonderful morning.  I don’t even want to get into the rest of my fantastic day with my precious son.


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