Fantasy Games

In Fantasy Games, Rose talks about how she sometimes wishes she could start over with her life and how she meditates and imagines scenarios for inner calm.

Rose: There are some days when I wish I could hit a restart button and begin a new life. Forget who I am today and be someone else entirely different tomorrow. Ever feel that way? Ever want to abandon your responsibilities, whatever they may be and get away from it all, forever?

I do that, I fantasize. I play these fantasy games in my mind, maybe it’s a form of meditation, I don’t know but I lose myself with thoughts…I’ll imagine myself being someone different. From my shoes to my hairstyle, even my accent and color of my eyes…all completely different. I try to leave nothing out because the more real I make it, the better I feel inside.  I’ve created many safe worlds.

When I stir from my trance and have to face my day…it helps me get by.

Joseph Arnone


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