Far Too Deeply

In Far Too Deeply, SHARON talks to a good friend about how he needs to step out from his comfort zone and stop playing life safe all the time.

SHARON:  I have this tendency to self analyze far too deeply and when I go too far, I discover nothing but great confusion. Then follows frustration and depression…It would always start by worrying so much about whether or not I was making the best decisions for my life.

So, I’ve learned to detect that mental process early on and slowly guide my thoughts away from that negative energy and back towards being mentally focused on what my gut tells me. All this debate in my mind did nothing but waste my time.  By diving right into the fray, I made mistakes quicker and got where I needed to go faster.

All I would say to you Glen, is that you need to start giving yourself the opportunity to take risks without over thinking it to death because it will prevent you from a new experience and delay your life.  I’m not saying dive into a fish tank of sharks, don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying to try out new things.  Give yourself the chance to take a step out of your comfort zone.  You will make discoveries about life, this world and yourself.

It’s not healthy to keep yourself bottled up inside because one day you will find yourself wishing.  Wishing you did this and wishing you did that.  Don’t be a wisher…be a doer.   And if shit happens, then shit happens…what did Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem say?   …’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Well, that applies here…don’t get stuck in your head.  Be rational, but take action.

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