Father’s Blessing

KERRY and PITO walk along a wooden fence on a public ranch.  It’s a perfect evening, one of those rare sunsets when everything seems to come together in harmony between oneself and nature.

Father’s Blessing

Kerry: If my father ever found out about us, he’d kill us both.

Pito: I’m not afraid of him.

Kerry: I know you ain’t but that don’t mean he won’t still kill you.

Pito: I would like to talk to him.

Kerry: That’s the very last thing you wanna be doing.

Pito: Why is everything so difficult?

Kerry: It’s just the way my old man is—

Pito: But how are we ever going to be together?

Kerry: We’re together now–

Pito: But when will there ever be a good time to talk to your father?

Kerry: …Never.

Pito: Never is too long for us.

Kerry: Pito, my father is not like most fathers.  He’s different. He plays by a different set of rules and he ain’t kind to—he doesn’t like boys like you.

Pito: So we have no chance.

Kerry: This isn’t something I ever imagined happening between us.

Pito: But it has and it’s real and that’s why we should talk to your father, together.

Kerry: We can’t! Aren’t you listening? If my father had the slightest hunch we were even talking, he would end it instantly.

Pito: Why would you allow him to—

Kerry: Because he’s my father. I have no authority over him. It doens’t matter what I want.

Pito: So then what is the point of going any further together? Sooner or later this will all come to an end.

Kerry: …It’s why I wanted us to talk today, actually. (beat) We need to stop.  We need to stop seeing one another.  (beat) Not because I want to stop seeing you.

(Kerry touches Pito’s face and he steps back)

What am I supposed to do?

Pito: Talk to him, stand up for us.

Kerry: I know.

Pito: What would make your father agree to us being together? Is it money?

Kerry: Money isn’t even a thought. He wouldn’t even go that far because—

Pito: Yes, I know but I think…my family is wealthy.

Kerry: What do you mean?

Pito: My family, we own various businesses like wine vineyards and mining companies.  We have thousands and thousands of acres of land where I’m from.

Kerry: You’ve lied to me.

Pito: I’ve never lied to you, Kerry.

Kerry: Why do you dress like a poor boy?

Pito: It’s a disguise.

Kerry: You’ve lied to me!

Pito: No!  I come from a tradition of hiding my wealth and seeking out love for love’s sake only.

Kerry: I do love you. I don’t care if you have money or not.

Pito: Will this make a difference to your father now?

Kerry: He would never accept you.

Pito: Then run away with me. Be with me forever. I will take care of you for all your life.

Kerry: I would only want you.

Pito: Then come with me.

Kerry: This is all too much for me. I’m so overwhelmed. I need time.

Pito: You need to decide because I am leaving.

Kerry: Leaving?

Pito:  I’m sorry.  I wanted to get all of this out so much sooner but there never seemed to be a right moment.  I came today to tell you that I am leaving and I want you to come with me, with or without your father’s blessing.

Kerry: This is too much for me, Pito.

Pito: I love you and I want you.  Do you hear me?  I love you so much I would die without you.  Please, you must make a decision.


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