Final Film Reel

In Final Film Reel, J talks about how there are life images he would like to have played back to him when it’s his turn to die.

J: You want to know a secret of mine?  I think it started when I was a teenager.  Whenever I experience a happy moment, a moment that makes me feel like it’s a highlight of my life…I’ve always asked God quietly inside myself, to please show it to me when it’s my time to go, just as a small favor.

You see, I’ve heard stories of people who say their life flashes before their eyes, before they die…at least, that’s an admittance for those who have come back and perhaps got a second chance at life or didn’t pass for whatever reason.  So, it got me thinking that we all may receive this final movie clip of special moments from our life, a last glimpse if you will, before we move on to the next thing.

When something special happens in my own life, I place it in my final film reel, hoping that it will all be showed to me just one last time, when I go…

Joseph Arnone


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