Final Goodbye

In this dramatic children’s monologue, SAM is leaving with family to go back home and says a final goodbye to a chained dog named Buddy, who has become his friend.

SAM: Hey Buddy, listen, I came here to tell you it’s my last day. Do you hear me? We’re leaving tomorrow, my mum and dad are packing our suitcases now.

I’m terrified to leave you. What are you gonna do without me here? Chained to the ground like this? You’ve changed my life, my whole life during this past week and I’m going to miss you more than anything. But I want you to know one thing, you may be cold some days, lonely, tired but you’ll never be forgotten, I’ll always remember you, for as long as I live.

I wish I could save you, but I can’t, they won’t let me take you, Buddy. Do you remember the star that we saw last night?  That’s us together, in another place…far away from here.

Daniella Alma

Daniella Alma is a British actress, born and raised in London, UK, now living in New York City. Also as a journalist and film producer of Monologue Blogger, she conducts interviews with emerging filmmakers from around the globe and develops creative projects for the future of MB Films. Her leading film work as an actress has premiered in notable film festivals, including Renaissance Film Festival and BFI London Film Festival.