Finally Accepted

In this drama monologue, Finally Accepted, DeAnne is a poet who has gone through a difficult day creating work she isn’t too satisfied with.

DeAnne:  Today, I struggled.  It was a tough go.  All day, everything was a battle…pushing, squeezing, what a disaster.  Nothing came easy.

But I accept it when it happens.  I allow the torture to happen because I know that it’s gonna be a battle to the death and the only thing I can do is raise up my hands and start throwing punches.  I never back down from the challenge.

It’s not easy to be good, is it?  You think it is?  (beat)  Most people think success is based on luck but I don’t believe in luck, not if you really want to be something, not if you really want to do something worthwhile.

Luck is the aftermath of action.

Anybody who is good at what they do is good at what they do because they busted their ass.  Yeah, you can have a natural talent but even with talent you need to earn the respect of that talent and work your tail off.

Today was a miserable day for me because everything kept going wrong…each attempt I made, nothing led to anything substantial…a bunch weak, tired, boring, empty work…but then I realized, I remembered, not everyday is going to be a win day and those crappy days are actually the best days because when I find myself working harder to get at that thing, it raises my level up because I refuse to lose…I refuse to go one single day without putting in.

And if you are willing to go the the edge of the Earth for it, no matter how tired you are, no matter how fed up with yourself…a block eventually pushes open and you see enough light to slip yourself through and there you are, on the other side, finally accepted.

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