Finding Ways To Stay Positive As An Actor

Finding Ways To Stay Positive As An Actor can be a challenge inside an acting career that may be filled with years of rejection, patience and endurance.

Being an actor isn’t easy, especially if you know your chosen career path is what you want to live your life doing.

Although there are many more opportunities now than ever before, there are a lot more actors. There may be more jobs but not enough jobs for every striving actor or enough work to keep every aspiring actor fulfilled, but there is hope if you have the consistency, drive and positive mindset that is necessary for the road before you.

Finding Ways To Stay Positive as An Actor

Take Time Offline

The internet can be a healthy tool that can provide you with plenty of knowledge in the arts. It can inspire you, teach you and it can connect you with others in your field. It can also depress and isolate you.

If you are finding that most of your free time is spent online then do not panic because you aren’t alone. We are all becoming guilty of it. What you need to do is take steps to slowly disconnect from all online devices and do something different such as reading, yoga, meditating, listening to music, writing in a journal or going for a walk.

Get Back To Nature

We’ve said it before but you must find a way to be good to yourself, find a park nearby, listen to your favorite album, watch people walk by and be around nature.

Nature can heal you, if you can connect and surrender to it. Life has great power and in nature, there is life. Being surrounded by life and the beauty of Earth can make the greatest problems feel more manageable.

Enjoy Your Own Company

This is important for an actor. It’s important to keep connected to your own thoughts, to be aware of certain thoughts of yours and think about them. To study life around you.

Sometimes all you need is to sit a cafe and watch people go by, or on a park bench to watch the sunrise, without distraction.

You need to understand yourself, your awareness and connection of this one life that you are living.  How can you do that if you are constantly seeking companionship? Put time aside for yourself, visit a museum or take a stroll around a city, enjoy your own company.

Take Action

When you feel stuck, when no auditions are coming through, take action. Don’t let a week go by wherein you find yourself slacking and caving in. Do the opposite instead, just take action.

Whether it’s writing letters to your favorite directors or working on a script to make your own project, just do it. Sooner or later, you will find yourself involved in something that has the possibility of having a positive outcome and that alone will give you hope and a little satisfaction in knowing that you are working toward your dream.

Avoid Self-Doubt

There is no use in thinking that you aren’t worth the job. Rejection is part of the game, you’ll be faced with it in this business for the rest of your career. Every single actor has experienced rejection in all its forms, just because you aren’t booking work, does not in the slightest mean that you are a bad actor.

Many casting directors have said that it had nothing to do with the talent of the actor, it was due to a ‘look’ they were after, or the producer had already had a well known actor in mind for the role.

Acting is a business and sometimes talent doesn’t have much to do with it, especially these days. That doesn’t mean you have the power to change their minds, keep working and even harder.

Count Your Blessings

We all want something from life and we want it now. Sometimes we need to realize just how far we have come. Look back at the road before you, the people you have met, the experiences you have had, the smaller projects that you were involved in…these all contribute to your main goal, your dream. Be thankful that you are still striving and aiming to be the actor you want to be.

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